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We are a team of highly trained AC installation and repair team members that will be happy to help you with selecting the right air conditioning system to fall in line with your needs. It is best that you realize that it is best to weight your options before you invest in a system for your building. As the professionals, we understand what you need and will work with you to help you make an informed decision. We will help you to not only pick out the right unit to fall within your budget, but we will also offer you hassle free installation and future maintenance and repairs to keep your unit in proper working condition. .

Your Reliable Team

Whenever you buy an air conditioning system, it is going to come with a detailed manual for installation and troubleshooting. However, it is also going not be recommended that you have a professional take care of the installation for you. There can be a number of fine adjustments that need to be made during the installation process. Many times, these considerations will not be met within a general manual for installing the unit.

Our team will make sure that your unit is placed in the best possible location where it will always be able to perform at peak level. It is important to think about where the sun will be shining down each day, as this is not the place for your unit to be. The professionals will also be sure that the piping and tubing will be hidden to be sure that it is safe and aesthetically pleasing. Finally, we will be sure that the specialist shows you how many ways that you can save on energy while utilizing your air conditioning unit simply by making some changes within your home or office setting.

We Make Your Air Conditioner Repair Easy

Whether you are in the heart of Singapore or on the outskirts, our specialists will be there for you. These are some signs that you should be looking for to tell you that it is time to give us a call:

  • A persistent noise is coming out of the unit while it is in use.
  • Your unit is not putting out temperatures that are cool enough.
  • It takes too long to cool down the entire room.
  • There is water that is leaking from the unit.
  • People in your home or office are coming down with unusual allergies.

These are a few of the indicators that the air conditioning system you have is in need of repairs or maintenance. Our team of specialists will be happy to come to your location and check out the system to see if you need a quick cleaning or more involved repairs. The right professionals will be there to offer you quality work and peace of mind. Call us today at 0123848884 and we will get started on meeting your needs.

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